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Club V is a brand for women, made by women. Not only are we transparent about our production process, we are happy to show you what happens behind the scenes of a conscious cycling brand.  

We started this series with the designer of our prints Raisa, our production manager Pavlina and mountain biker Nynke. Now it’s the turn of Club V’s founder Marissa, who started this sustainable brand in the middle of summer last year. 

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Not only is Club V for women, our collection is also (almost) entirely made by women. Because we are open and transparent about the entire production process, the brand and our ambassadors we take you for a look behind the scenes.

Nynke only really discovered race cycling a year ago but since then she has been completely over. As a sports fan she wrote a review for Club V. In this interview she tells how cycling helps to pursue her passion: on an adventure!

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