Let's meet with our founder Marissa

Let's meet with our founder Marissa


Club V is a brand for women, made by women. Not only are we transparent about our production process, we are happy to show you what happens behind the scenes of a conscious cycling brand.  

We started this series with the designer of our prints Raisa, our production manager Pavlina and mountain biker Nynke. Now it’s the turn of Club V’s founder Marissa, who started this sustainable brand in the middle of summer last year. 

Hey Marissa, has it always been a dream to start a cycling wear brand?

"Not at all! I started cycling about 10 years ago. At the time many of my friends were fanatic runners but I couldn't find my mojo with running. From the moment I tried race cycling I was hooked! Soon after some of my (female) friends also started cycling. It felt so nice to know a group of women to ride with.

Without a doubt we all struggled to find great cycling clothing. The jerseys and shorts we wore were tight and often very short. We missed a feminine touch. I always joked about when I would quit my job and start a business. Then my first priority would be making beautiful, feminine and sustainable cycling clothing. That moment came in the summer of last year.”

What type of cyclist are you?

“You can best describe me as a fair-weather cyclist. Although I prefer to cycle all year round - in all seasons - I am most happy with a nice sun and a temperature of at least 20 degrees. In addition I am a social rider which means that I love to go out with others and chat along the way, try new routes etcetera. I strongly believe that we all get better, stronger and further when we go together. Not that performance is very important to me but together it is easier and just a lot more fun!”

Why do you like cycling so much?

“I am anything but a professional cyclist. Cycling is really not the most important thing in my life. But.. three years ago I went through a very difficult period and cycling has helped me enormously to get through that time. First to create headspace, and later to rebuild my body strength. Numerous studies have shown that cycling improves your mental health from as little as 30 minutes: it reduces stress and anxiety, and gives a boost to your self-confidence. So it really works!

For me cycling has become a way of taking good care of myself. I feel happier, stronger and better. So it's a priority in my agenda. And because it has brought me so much, I hope I can inspire other women with this.”

Club V only targets women, why?

“Our brand name says it all! The V refers to "vrouw" which means woman in Dutch. But also "vie" which means life in French. Some say it reminds them of "velo", we think that's totally fine too.

The brand was born out of a personal need: the lack of options for sustainable, feminine cycling clothing. The industry is still very much geared towards men although this is slowly changing. We believe that cycling is also a women's sport. And it's cool! We want to remove the barriers for women. We know exactly where and how women need support during a ride.”

How do you inspire more women to ride?

“By making cycling clothing that is 100% made for women. The fit, the chamois, the fabrics, the prints: everything is designed with women in mind. Other brands often make very technical clothing. The innovations are mainly focused on performance: going faster and further. We now know that there are many women who mainly cycle for pleasure, fun or health. They are looking for comfort, style and durability. For them there is Club V.”

What is your most favorite route?

“My favorite cycling routes go to the beach and through the dunes. I'm lucky to live in Amsterdam so it's easy to cycle to the sea on a sunny summer day. Or I go for a strong workout on a stormy fall day.”

What motivates you to get on your bike?

“I love the feeling of the wind going through my hair. It's almost as if your thoughts are blown out of your head the moment you start cycling. It gives me such a free and light feeling.

Mostly it's the fact that I always feel happy and energized when I get home. Sometimes it's hard to get yourself to go for a ride especially when you're in the middle of something. But as my mother always said - and still - you always feel better than before. That's how I motivate myself to go anyway. I know it's worth it!”

Anything else you want to say to the crew?

“I am super grateful for this first year and I want to personally thank everyone who has supported us. It was great to start this brand and the response is promising. That helps us to move forward. This would never have been possible without your support!”

Contact or collab? Reach out to hi@clubv.cc


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  • Jan De Smet

    Gefeliciteerd Marissa ! Succes !

  • Ria van mil

    Wat is het leuk om zo’n supertop bericht te lezen over mijn buurmeisje op de Haagwinde
    Chapeau voor jou!
    Hartelijke groet, Ria van Mil
    (Moeder van Merel en Iris)

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