With Nynke on a cycling adventure!

With Nynke on a cycling adventure!

Not only is Club V for women, our collection is also (almost) entirely made by women. Because we are open and transparent about the entire production process, the brand and our ambassadors we take you for a look behind the scenes.

Nynke only really discovered race cycling a year ago but since then she has been completely over. As a sports fan she wrote a review for Club V. In this interview she tells how cycling helps to pursue her passion: on an adventure!

Hey Nynke, so sporty but only started cycling for a year .. How is that possible?

Before the corona crisis broke out I was mainly involved in running. I tried to run about 2 to 3 times a week and also did strength training about 2 times a week to prevent injuries as much as possible. Cycling did not really fit my schedule. When the corona crisis broke out I suddenly ran out of running goals to train for. And the gyms were also closed.  I started looking for a way to be outside in nice weather. My racing bike was my best purchase of 2020!

Mountain biking or cycling? Or both?;)

Both! I think the nice thing about cycling is that you can easily discover new places, take nice pictures on the road and relax on a terrace. It really gives me a holiday feeling. But maybe I secretly like mountain biking even more! When I cross the forest on a mountain bike it feels like I was playing outside as a little girl again.

You tested our Leopard Rosa jersey, what did you think?

The jersey is so nice! The colors are super bright and totally my thing. The fabric feels very nice and I find it super handy that there is a zipper in the bag. Especially with mountain biking as I am always afraid that I will lose my phone.

Club V's mission is to inspire more women to ride. What motivates you to get on a bike?

Cycling is really an adventure! You can do it super easily with others and really make it a fun day out. Even the preparation feels a bit like going on vacation. What do you take with you on the road? What are you going to wear? What are the nicest routes and the nicest terraces on the way? You always come home with a satisfied feeling.

You say that you are always looking for beautiful places and adventure! How do you find those places, where do you get your inspiration from?

My tip? Follow your gut and curiosity! Do not plan a route, but look around you and go left or right if you think that road will take you to a nice place. Occasionally you will have to turn or you will see that it is disappointing, but usually that way you end up in the best places! Also playing a little with Google Maps will take you to the nicest most beautiful places.

Do you plan your routes in advance, or do you go by intuition?

I usually go by feeling unless I really want to get to a certain place. Or if I want a good average ha ha!

What are your favorite routes, would you like to share one with us?

I live in the center of Breda but within a few minutes I am on my bike on the edge of the Mastbos where the Markdal, a nature reserve along the river Mark, also begins. Next to the river is a kilometer-long cycle path that takes you far into Belgium. So beautiful and very nice cycling! When the borders are closed I follow that cycle path to the border crossing at Meersel-Dreef. Then I cycle through the meadows towards Chaam and Baarle-Nassau (check this village on Google Maps, recommended!) And then cycle back to Breda via the Slingerdreef. Die Slingerdreef is every cyclist's dream: a meter-wide fast cycle path made of the smoothest waste in the middle of a forest. And great to tune up for your average!

What is the most beautiful route you have ever taken on your bike?

The Fietselfstedentocht (Eleven Cities Bicycle Tour). I have cycled through more beautiful landscapes but this trip was so bizarre and special. Three years ago on a Friday evening I decided that on Monday I could cycle the 235-kilometer Eleven Cities Bicycle Tour with my father who ice skated the tour three times. I just had no cycling experience, no cycling clothing and actually no bicycle.

On Saturday I arranged a starting ticket through Marktplaats (online marketplace) and bought my very first set of cycling clothing. On Sunday I took my mom's mountain bike out of the garage, inflated the tires and did a test lap. On Monday at half past seven I was at the start between 15,000 people. I had no idea what to expect.

After 60 kilometers, I already had tremendous saddle pain and thought, "What did I get into?" After 50 miles, I met a friend of mine who urged me to participate. Together we were so chatting that the miles flew by. And once I was halfway through I thought, "Now I'm not going to stop!

It was very tough and I was unable to walk for a week, but that Eleven Day Cross is still my best medal. I have never cycled as far as then. So maybe I didn't start last year, but I kind of started cycling three years ago ...;)

Is there something else you want to say to our Club V crew?

I can see from many things that the cycling world is still really a man's world but how cool is it that more and more women are discovering the sport and that there are more and more brands for women! I think that's really cool and I'm very curious what this industry will look like in a few years!

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