About us

We are Club V. A conscious cycling apparel brand for women created in the capital of cycling: Amsterdam. Our brand is founded to inspire more women to ride.


Over the years we noticed the barriers for riding amongst many young women: very tight cycling wear, experience of pains after 1-hour rides and the unwillingness to look ridiculous or awkwardly nerdish. Research points out that 59% of female cyclists flagged barriers around the subject of body image, and do not feel confident riding a bike. We think it is a shame and are determined to make a change.

So, our journey began with the firm belief we could develop a cycling apparel brand that 100% fits female bodies. That makes you feel comfortable and look good. 


We all know that the apparel and fashion industry is very polluting, and we do not want to invest in more pollution. With Club V we aim to minimize our footprint while maximizing our positive impact on people and our surrounding nature. Doing so, we have formulated our Club Values. Read more about them in our sustainability mission. Did you know that our apparel is entirely made of yarns from regenerated ocean waste?


With Club V you can count on sophisticated jerseys and shorts that fit and that make you feel confident. And that gives you support where you need it the most. It is true, our cycling apparel allows you to enjoy every ride in style. That is why we have our focus on female cycling apparel, and only there. 

For sure, you are one ride away from a good mood.