Who made your cycling outfit? Pavlina in the spotlight.

Who made your cycling outfit? Pavlina in the spotlight.

Club V is a brand for women, made by women. Not only are we transparent about our production process, we are happy to show you what happens behind the scenes of a conscious cycling brand.  

Previously in this series we have introduced Raisa, our print designer. For Club V it is not a secret to tell you who made your cycling outfit. In fact we are proud to bring into the spotlight our woman at the front. A cyclist herself, but her ‘real’ job is to manage Club V production in the Czech Republic. This is how she rolls.

Ahoj Pavlina! Please tell us, has it always been your dream to work in a sportswear production company?

“Ahoj Marissa! Thank you for this peek behind the scenes. My dream was definitely to work with clothes. During my studies I subconsciously specialized more and more on the technical aspect of the clothing industry. In my job I started as a graphic designer, but now I can offer much more than just design.  

Starting at a sportswear manufacturing company was one of the ways to stay in the Czech Republic and still work in the clothing industry. At first I was very insecure because sportswear has its own specifications. But I don't regret it at all! There are many options for clothing for many different sports. Sportswear is actually quite elastic, haha! In this industry we still have a lot to discover and developments never stop.”

How does a normal day look like for you?

“I am a morning bird. I start at 6 a.m. in the office and turn on the computer. A necessary condition is a hot cup of tea. My work is quite varied and I have to complete many tasks at the same time. When a design or order is completed, the next five projects are already waiting at different processing levels. So I need to be very good at multitasking. This job is definitely not for everyone and it costs a lot of energy. I know I can anticipate anything, it's not a stereotype. 

When it's time to go home I start thinking about what program to choose for the afternoon. I usually spend time doing some sport activity and cooking something tasty for the next day. Or I spend time on my other hobbies such as sewing clothes and shoes, reading (about professional topics but I also like sci-fi and fantasy books) and also necessary housework.”

What do you like most about your work?

That it is not a stereotypical job. At the moment it is very multidisciplinary and therefore it is incredibly interesting to me. I am going from making a a design to the production of applications. Everything is related to everything. And now I can put into practice all that I have learned in my books. My mantra is „Every problem has a solution“. It is not always fast, easy or pleasant but I try to find a functional solution for all kinds of problems. I hope I can satisfy my customers.. and the production too.

And you are a cyclist yourself… What type of cyclist are you?

“Oh yes, I do my best but I really am a hobby cyclist. I have an MTB bike but I am not very good at terrain. My technique is dreadful! This year I want to give road cycling a try. I'm curious about feeling on a road bike because it is different. Now I am still on the simulator at home and it isn't fun at all.

Actually, I started with cycling relatively late. I got into a group of really good cyclists and I tried to keep up with their pace! For many people in my area, cycling is like a lifestyle or religion. But I took the road in sportswear and kept cycling as a good addition to my job. I don't have any racing appetites.”

What is your most favorite route? 

“One without hills, haha! Just kidding. It depends on the purpose of the route. Sometimes you have to turn off your mind and at such a moment the route doesn’t really matter. But I like to ride in the Lusatian Mountains on the border of the Czech Republic and Germany. Lots of forests, lots of rocks, lots of beautiful views… And lots of route options. For me this place is paradise but luckily it is not that well known yet.. and I like that. ”

The mission of Club V is to inspire more women to ride. What motivates you to get on your bike?

“My best motivator is good weather. Sun, mild temperature and of course a stop for an ice cream… My guilty pleasure ;-) Another motivation is the grateful feeling that my body can cycle, my legs can pedal, my hands hold the handlebar, my lungs can breathe. Of course sometimes it hurts sometimes but this is the moment that I strengthen my body and mind, in the middle of nature. This feeling is priceless!”

Is there something else you want to say to our Club V crew?

“It is very important that women continue to support each other. I feel like women worry too much and sometimes lack self-confidence which slows them down. It doesn't matter if it is a sport or a lifetime – it's okay to have doubts. Just start and overcome your fears! Get on your bike and feel free! Then nothing will be impossible.”

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