Meet Raisa, our print designer

Meet Raisa, our print designer

Club V is a brand for women, made by women. Not only are we transparent about our production process, we are happy to show you what happens behind the scenes of a conscious cycling brand.  

We will start off this series with the introduction of the designer of our prints, Raisa. She is the artist behind the beautiful prints of Club V. Please meet Raisa...

Hey Raisa, please tell us, where do you get your inspiration from? 

“I get my inspiration from everywhere. This can be a candy wrapper, the structure of a tree trunk, a seashell or an art in a museum. I take pictures all day long and have boxes full of old papers and finds. I like to flip through books. When I go on city trips I always have to stop by the local bookshop, I can languish for hours on end. My favorite is Tsutaya Books Daikanyama in Tokyo, a real paradise.”

We have heard that you paint our prints by hand. Could you tell us a bit more about the creative process? 

“Each print can be made in different ways. I like to paint everything by hand. This gives a much richer and more personal effect, allowing you to create a much stronger identity for the brand. I also find this much more fun to do and I believe that the love with which it is made can also be seen again ..

When I have an idea of ​​what I want to make, for example a flower print, I first start to investigate what kind of flowers I want to use and the number of colors and what feeling the print should radiate. The type of flower is very important because a flower can quickly convey a certain feeling for a certain season. In addition, a flower can quickly become fussy, so it is important to choose the right kind. If I have an idea I paint them with Indian ink, paint or pen. The material determines the whole effect of the print, so this is an important step.

As soon as I think I have enough, I scan everything, after which I can digitally puzzle everything together and color all the different layers. I often add extra flowers when I think something is still missing. I also put the print in an all-over so that it can be glued together like a tile. It is therefore important at every step to empathize and to form a picture of the effect your choice will have on the result.”

And you are a cyclist yourself… What type of cyclist are you? 

“I’m trying! I’m not really a sporty type, but my boyfriend is a really enthusiastic cyclist and always tries to drag me on the racing bike to join him. The first step is always really hard for me but once I’m cycling I love the feeling and sound of the wind which makes it really peaceful. I like that I can escape the city really fast and do a little bit of sightseeing and cross places I’ve never been. When I’m back home it feels like I’ve been on a little holiday in my own country.”

What is your most favourite route? 

“Once I went to the Elzas in France I wanted to get some croissants on my bike. On the way back I kind of got lost, but didn't really mind because that route was so amazing. Eventually I found my way back home but don’t know the name of that ‘route’. I really like the idea that I’ll probably never go back to this place again, so it will forever be a really nice memory. In the Netherlands I haven’t seen that many different routes yet but I like de Ronde Hoep. Because there's a lot of green, open spaces and no traffic lights. But mostly I just like to drive around without a plan to discover new places.”

The mission of Club V is to inspire more women to ride. What motivates you to get on your bike? 

“The peacefulness. But especially cycling makes it really easy to escape your bubble in the city. It gives you a feeling of freedom, because it’s just you and your bike in the out and open, without having a specific destination. When you have a job which takes over your daily life and you work from home a lot, it’s really important to take some time for yourself and leave your house once in a while. Especially in these times of Corona. Cycling clears your mind so it can be filled with new ideas and inspiration.“

Is there something else you want to say to our Club V crew? 

“Just go drive without a plan, that will take you to the most memorable places.”

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