No more saddle pain! Here's what makes a good female cycling pad

No more saddle pain! Here's what makes a good female cycling pad

To ride comfortably it is important to not experience any pains during your ride. Saddle pain can be a real mood breaker. Luckily these can be (greatly) prevented through wearing cycling shorts with the right padding and fit, that are designed for females. How you choose the right padding for you, please follow our guide.

Why do you need padding?
A cycling pad is also called a “chamois”, “bikepad”, “Fondello” (Italian), “Gamuza” or “Badana” (Spanish), “Peau” (French) and is a protective layer in your shorts that aims to protect your groin from friction through contact with your saddle. In the past, this protection was made of deerskin. Nowadays we can provide ourselves with a vegan, and therefore animal friendly, chamois.

What is the function of a pad?
The pad ensures that you do not suffer from your buttocks. The pad absorbs sweat and breathes. By removing sweat properly it prevents friction between your buttocks, thighs and groin. Exactly the areas that feel sore after a while... To reduce the risk of friction even more, we advise to never wear underwear under your cycling shorts. And do not buy your cycling shorts too wide (they should fit) as it is super important the chamois stays in place!
The thickness of the chamois does not necessarily determine the quality. Therefore it is preferable to pay attention to the density in kg / m3 and not to the thickness of the chamois.

Differences between male and female padding
It is obvious that men and women are ergonomically different. Therefore we need support in different areas during a ride. In addition, a different physique means we also sit differently on our (racing) bikes than men. We recommend you to never choose unisex cycling shorts!

Cycling with or without chamois?
The type of cyclist you are e.g. a city cyclist, commuter, mountain, gravel or cyclist tells what padding you will need for your ride. As a race cyclist you always select a pair of light- or thick padded shorts. However for mountain-, electric or regular city bikers it is also possible to ride with a very light or without a padding. The distance, the route and type clothing seem the most important factors as to whether you opt for the extra comfort of a chamois. 

Glide women

Our female Glide padding 

At Club V we have chosen for a sustainable padding that is 100% designed for female bodies. It ensures performance even during long distance rides and it suitable for on & off road. The smooth elastic top layer is entirely made of recycled fabric. Below the surface, our padding has a breathing layer that is made of 70% sustainable materials and has layers of 40-90 density foam. It is best for summer rides of 2 to 6 hours.

Choose the right shorts
In the world of padded cycling shorts there is no such thing as a ‘boyfriend fit. Shorts must fit tightly and should not be constricted. Most cycling shorts for men have braces to keep the chamois in place, where most women prefer it without braces as straight suspenders put pressure on the breasts. Most female cyclists also dislike the tight elastics around the abdomen, it just does not sit well and looks just as flattering. Which is why we have developed cycling shorts especially for females with a high rise waistband that offers 100% comfort, looks good and keeps the chamois in place. You can find it in our store!

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