How to care for your apparel? We've got some advice

How to care for your apparel? We've got some advice

Buying a cycling outfit costs serious money. Of course you want your new set to stay fabulous. And smell fresh after a heavy workout. There are some do’s and don’ts for caring for your apparel and we have picked the most important ones to make sure that your apparel will remain bright and shining:

1. Wash your apparel directly after your ride. If you let the apparel wait too long, the smell will get into the fabric and you will not get it out.

2. Wash cold. No more than 30 degrees to protect the fabrics. If you are a real fanatic you wash them by hand!

3. Separate colors as good as you can. You don't want to have grey-ish dull apparel but fresh ones with bright colors.

4. Regarding detergents, use only a little. See if you can choose a biological product that is better for the environment.

5. No softeners. These will damage the stretch of the fabrics.

6. Never tumble dry. Nor dry your apparel on a radiator. Just hang them on a drawer and let the air do its job!

7. No ironing of course. In case you wanted to.. 

8. Never dry in direct sunlight to protect the colour.

Environmentally friendly washing bag

Last but not least, we are a huge fan of Guppy Friends washing bags for washing our apparel. A lot of sportswear is made of (recycled) polyester. During the washing many so called microfibers are released in the washing water. These super tiny plastics are an enormous source of waste in landfill and water. Of course this is a sin forever which is why we aim to prevent this from happening.

Guppy Friends has developed a washing bag that filters out 99% of the microfibers that are released with washing your apparel. You can find them in our store under Gifs & Accessories. Such an easy way to protect your apparel, and the planet!



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